Dr. Terry Lyndon Johnsson

Dr. Terry Lyndon Johnsson has a unique story that has inspired thousands over the years. He served as a Presidential Honor Guard for three U.S. Presidents, his story is nothing short of a miracle, considering he was diagnosed with an extreme case of dyslexia a a young man. His full story can be found in his books “For His Honor” & ”Aim High.” He went on to earn a doctoral degree at the prestigious Wesley Theological Seminary of Washington DC. After years of ministering to Young Adults, Dr. Johnsson was asked to be the Senior Chaplain and Operation Manager of WGTS FM in Washington, D.C.; which is the second largest Christian Radio Station in the country. Recently, Dr. Johnsson has joined Adventist Health in Portland, Oregon as Executive Director of Mission Integration.

Pastor Ivor Myers and His Family

Pastor Ivor Myers began his ministry at the Campbell Church in November, 2014, after previously serving at the Templeton Hills SDA Church for nine years as senior pastor. Pastor Myers is passionate about evangelism, and equipping church members with the skills to lead others to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and experience firsthand His righteousness. He is enthusiastic about ministering to the Campbell community.

Author of several books, including the innovative Operation Blueprint, Earth’s Final Movie. Pastor Myers is founder/president of Power of the Lamb Ministries and ARME Bible Camp. His Operation Global Rain, now called 10-days of Prayer, has been adopted by the General Conference of SDAs. Pastor Myers and his wife, Atonte, co-host the “Battles of Faith” program on 3ABN.

Prior to dedicating his life to serving the Lord, Myers, a native of Jamaica, was a rising star in the Hip Hop industry in the 1990s, living the dream of a lifetime. His four-man group, which included younger brother Sean, was signed to a million dollar, eight album contract until a chance encounter with a friend who was an SDA altered the course of his life. After he and Sean accepted Jesus Christ and were baptized, they both left the music industry behind and entered full-time ministry. Pastor Myers and Atonte have four children, a son, Joshua, and three daughters, Jaden, Jenesis and Jaliyah. You can also visit Pastor Myers’ Facebook page.

Marit Case

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Marit came to the US to pursue her master’s degree in counseling. Marit explains, “Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine being a pastor so it is hard to believe that I was a member of the Carmichael church staff for more than 12 years! Before I came to Carmichael I was a pastor at the Pacific Union College church in the Napa Valley. I was born and raised in the Netherlands and came to Loma Linda, CA in the late eighties to work on master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I was planning to stay in the US for only two years, but….more than twenty five years later – here I am! I worked in the Loma Linda Medical Center for a couple of years in the chaplaincy program before I was asked to join the pastoral staff at the college.

“My undergraduate work in Holland was with a strong emphasis on children which has prepared me some for what I have been doing up to this day. A fair amount of my time was spent with the kids at Sacramento Adventist Academy, in Sabbath school, with the Adventurers or just hanging out with the kids when they played soccer or baseball. Besides being with the kids, I like to read; go through cooking magazines and think of what I could cook if I had time; walk; water or snow ski; travel…..and I can think of many more things I would like to do. I am married to Steve Case and I have a step-daughter Katie who lives in Long Beach, CA. We also have two kittens Misty and Bibi. Life to me is an amazing adventure and I am very thankful to have God as my guide and go-to person.”

John and Clara Terry

Pastor Jon Terry, the senior pastor of the Roseville, Ca SDA Church is the featured speaker for the morning devotional program at Lake Tahoe Camp meeting. Pastor Jon presented the morning devotionals in 2011 and touched the hearts of the attendees. The committee unanimously voted to invite him to return and bless us with his ministry.

Larry Siemens

Larry Siemens returns to Tahoe Camp Meeting and will offer his popular nature hikes to areas around the Tahoe Basin. He has also planned one late evening of star watching in the meadow behind the camp meeting. Larry is the Chair of the Science Department as well as a chemistry professor at Simpson University in Redding, CA.

Milton Teske MD

Dr Teske is a full time emergency physician from Hanford CA. In addition to his ER work he has become known for his simple clear presentations on how to reverse various diseases with a healthy diet, exercise and water. For camp-meeting this year he will be presenting: (1) Reversing Diabetes – The sugar-door story – The clearest understanding you will ever hear to help you understand how to completely reverse type 2 diabetes. (2) Lowering cholesterol naturally – along with understanding your lipid profile LDL, HDL and VLDL – and how to reverse atherosclerotic coronary artery disease naturally. (3) Fructose poisoning of the liver and its role in metabolic disease today – The extremely harmful effects of sugar that are so devastating for Americans today. (4) The glycocalyx – understanding this structure lining the arteries that few know about but that plays a critical role in health and arterial disease. Questions and answers following lectures. We have found that clarity of understanding of the disease process can be very motivating toward making those healthy lifestyle changes that can truly bring about restoration.

Colby Johnson

Colby Johnson was born and raised Fallon, Nevada. Although he grew up in the Adventist faith, he ended up walking away in his late teenage years. During those years he struggled through many battles that our young adults are facing today. In his early 20’s he was drawn back to Christianity and longed for a deeper walk with Christ. In August of 2014 He attended ARISE Institute, a 13 week evangelism and discipleship training program operated by Light Bearers Ministry. His journey did not end there. After completing the ARISE program he was asked to return in January of 2015 to be an intern for Light Bearers, working with a new church plant and doing community outreach. He has recently moved back to his hometown and is passionate about sharing the beauty of God’s character to others. He is currently attending school hoping to eventually go into the nursing field and is actively holding meetings and teaching classes at his local church. In his spare time, he enjoys playing music, reading, and the outdoors.

A yearly Seventh-Day Adventist summer retreat to the forests of South Lake Tahoe & Reno area.