Mike Tucker

Mike Tucker is the Speaker/Director for Faith For Today Television, and host of the award winning television program, Lifestyle Magazine. He also conducts Mad About Marriage Seminars and transformational seminars around the world.

Mike has served as a Pastor, Counselor, Christian High School Bible Teacher, Youth Pastor, Senior Chaplain for medical and psychiatric facilities, and served as a “Pastor’s Pastor” for his denomination.

He has authored several books, including Journal of a Lonely God; Jesus, He’s All You’ll Ever Need; Meeting Jesus in the Book of Revelation; Every Good Thing; Ten Keys to a Happy Marriage, Mad About Marriage, Marriage Moments, Tears to Joy, and more.
Mike lives with his wife, Pam, in the Dallas, Texas area. He enjoys spending time with his daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren.

Maria José Hummel

Maria José Hummel is a Seventh-day Adventist nutritionist and health educator with over 12 years experience in the field of prevention, nutrition and health. She has a Masters in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport and a Masters in Public Health from San Jose State University. She worked as a nutritionist at Salud Para La Gente, a community clinic in the city of Watsonville, California for nearly five and a half years where she had the opportunity to help people with diabetes, weight issues such as obesity, and many other chronic diseases related to diet. Maria José has also worked for WIC in Watsonville and the California Breastfeeding Coalition. She has appeared numerous times on the television networks 3ABN Latino, doing cooking shows as well as health education programs. She has also appeared as an expert guest on television and radio shows in the San Francisco Bay Area. Maria José has written a vegan cookbook, a guide to healthy eating (in Spanish), and has conducted health and nutrition seminars, including depression recovery and diabetes reversal, as well as cooking classes in California, across the U.S. and internationally.

Kristopher Loewen

Kristopher Loewen is the lead pastor at Redlands Adventist Church in Redlands, California. A bread snob, marathoner, Sabbath aficionado, and wannabe podcaster (check out “Behind the Sermon”), he lives for making the church (and the world) more inclusive. Kristopher has two sons and a wife, who he loves to drag along on half-baked adventures hither and yon. He grew up in Walla Walla, Washington and is the offspring of several generations of Seventh-day Adventist ministers. Kristopher holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Theology and Education from Walla Walla College, and a Master’s degree in Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. Before moving to Redlands in 2019, he pastored at the Walla Walla University Church for nearly a decade and at the Yakima Adventist Church for 4 years prior to that. Learn more about his work at krisloewen.com

Larry Siemens

Larry Siemens returns to Tahoe Camp Meeting and will offer his popular nature hikes to areas around the Tahoe Basin. He is also planning one late evening of star watching in the meadow behind the camp meeting. Larry is the Chair of the Science Department as well as a chemistry professor at Simpson University in Redding, CA.

A yearly Seventh-Day Adventist summer retreat to the forests of South Lake Tahoe & Reno area.